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FEBRUARY 8, 2018

Introduction to Equine Assisted Learning Certification and Training

Equine Pathfinders Foundation, New Zealand

EAL Certification Training is an attractive proposition for those interested in a career combining helping horses and people. Our education offers a combined professional development and mentoring programme and demonstrates the horse/human bond and how it enables beneficial, deep and lasting social, emotional, spiritual and psychological changes.

This introduction to our one-year training program builds on the transformational processes within NLP to launch you into the field of equine guided transformational change. Participants will enjoy the stimulating innovative learning environment and learn to work in multiple contexts.

During this one-day workshop guided by Rosemary, Alistair, and the Dune Lakes herd, you will get an introduction to the Equine Pathfinders Foundation EAL Certification Training Program and understand the steps required to become the most skillful change agent for yourself and others.

For more information on the one-year EAL Certification Training visit our website

About Rosemary and Alistair

Cost:  NZ$100

*Coffee and tea provided. Vegetarian/vegan fare available for purchase for lunch, or you are welcome to bring your own. 

Date & Time: Thursday, February 8, 10am-4pm

Number of participants:  maximum 12 people

Rosemary Wyndham-Jones, Equine Pathfinders Foundation
Email: festival@equinepathfinders.org.nz

FEBRUARY 8, 2018

Communicating With and Embodying Head, Heart, and Hara (Guts)

Windhorse Wisdom, Australia

Learn,  experience, and practice what ‘true feel’ feels like in the body and what it really means in becoming more ‘horse like’ - to ‘be-in’ a state of full-bodied presence.

Horses are innately connected to their full body intelligences and tap into this ‘inner-tuition’ through their inner and outer senses. In doing so they provide natural biofeedback, helping you to learn about yourself and your inner and outer world.

With their huge heart and gut, they can help you to learn to listen to the quieter wisdom of your own heart and gut, rather than the often over riding voice of the head, promoting the living of a congruent, aligned, and integrated life.

Deeply connecting with your heart-based compassion, head-based creativity, and gut -based courage ensures you can be the author of your life, more easily make decisions, and find your own answers.

This is the essence of living an Embodied Life.

 Presence always, always precedes tools and strategies.

During this program you will:

  • Learn new practices to enhance your self-awareness and ways of communicating with the wisdom of your body, the wisdom of Horse, the earth, and of life
  • Learn how to balance your connection and energy to the intelligence of your body while interacting with the horses and explore what happens when you shift your energy
  • Gain deep insights into your beliefs, thoughts, emotions and often unconscious ways of being and doing
  • Learn a 5 step full body presencing practice so that you begin to trust in what arises at an intuitive level
  • Learn a core embodiment practice that integrates head, heart and hara so that you can begin to integrate this into your life-man-ship and horse-man-ship
  • Explore and gain clarity on an issue or challenge that is showing up in your life through experiencing an embodied coaching process for greater congruence, alignment and integration.

Guided by the Dune Lakes horses and facilitated by Cheryl, this interactive workshop will weave transformational experiences with horses along with other somatic (body-centered) learning, including authentic movement and Taoist practices for grounding and centering. 

You will transverse unfamiliar inner and outer territory and learn new skills that can be integrated into your life, and the way you lead yourself and others, as you practice truly and deeply embodying living at Highest Expression, to emerge a more grounded, authentic, and evolved person.

About Cheryl

Cost (special festival discounted rate):  $149 AUD*

*Coffee and tea provided. Vegetarian/vegan fare available for purchase for lunch, or you are welcome to bring your own. 

Date & Time: Thursday, February 8, 10am-4pm

Number of participants:  maximum 20 people

Cheryl Cruttenden, Windhorse Wisdom
Email: windhorsefarm@live.com

FEBRUARY 12, 2018

Awakening to Natural Connectedness:
Introduction to Animal Communication & Energy Healing

Ridersmind.com, New Zealand

All life is connected - whether we consciously realise it or not...

This workshop helps you:

  • Enhance your 'connectability' - the communication is flowing constantly whether we are 'tuned in' or not
  • Realise & move past what gets in the way of you connecting and communicating with your animal friends
  • Support your animal friends with respectful, gentle, and effective energy support in what can be a pretty chaotic human world
  • Realise how you've been receiving messages from your animal friends all along
  • Develop consciously 'tuning in' in your most natural way of 'listening' i.e. thought forms, body sensations, impulses to act, visual information, etc
  • Move toward 'full body listening' utilising and trusting the many ways we receive insight and wisdom
  • Learn about how the 'pitfall of love' makes 'listening' from a place of neutrality challenging

What to bring:

An open-heart, an open-mind, and a curiosity firmly rooted in love and compassion for your beloved animal friends

Self-compassion - frustration that you are 'not doing it right' blocks our 'listening' as we are too busy flooding our awareness with self-doubt to hear much of anything else!

Photos of the animal friends who's point of view is especially important to you

About Suze

Cost: $97 NZD*

*Coffee and tea provided. Vegetarian/vegan fare available for purchase for lunch, or you are welcome to bring your own. 

Date & Time: Monday, February 12, 10am-4pm

Number of participants: maximum 20 people

Suze Kenington, RidersMind: Connecting Horses & Humans
Email: suze@ridersmind.com

FEBRUARY 12, 2018

Trauma to Transformation:
How Horses Guide Us to Post-traumatic Growth

EAGALA Advanced Dual Certified Equine Specialist &​

Mental Health Professional, U.S.A.

(C) Suzi Landolphi

Warrior PATHH Retreat (Progressive and Alternative Training for Healing Heroes)

Healing is a story of millennia. It is as old as human community, spread across continents and throughout cultures. The story takes us from the profanity of war and the senseless pain of personal trials to the sacredness of warriorhood and personal recovery. It is alive in ancient human experience and in today’s science of post-traumatic growth.

Find this out for yourself while you learn how the horses can guide us. It is a hero’s journey to discover the sacred gifts we too can share with the world.

“I am humbled to hold space for the horses as they do their healing work with whole, strong, combat veterans nevertheless missing arms and legs; abused men, women, and youth discovering and recovering their hidden beauty; lifelong foster children longing for a connected life; and so many more wounded people. I marvel at the journeys they all make, led by their horses from the despair, anxiety, grief, and fear of post traumatic stress to the healing, self-worth, trust, and empathy of post traumatic growth, stepping into the world to build new and fruitful relationships.”

Your opportunity:

  • Learn the 5 components of post-traumatic growth (PTG) for yourself and others
  • Participate in at least 4 growth experiences with horses
  • Receive 3 facilitator promises
  • Grow at least 2 ways: in self, and in connection with others personally or professionally
  • Understand the power of being 1 healing warrior amidst others

Equine professionals - learn your craft as you grow. Explanatory handouts for all participants are included.

(c) Suzi Landolphi. Boulder Crest Retreat

Rob and Danny Boy at a Warrior PATHH Retreat  for Combat Veterans in Virginia, U.S.A.

About Rob

Cost: NZ$100 for single, NZ$90 each double, NZ$80 each triple*

*Coffee and tea provided. Vegetarian/vegan fare available for purchase for lunch, or you are welcome to bring your own. 

Date & Time: Monday, February 12, 10am-4pm

Number of participants:  maximum 12 people

To register please contact:
Rob Pliskin
Email: robpliskin@icloud.com

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