The previous International Spirit Horse Festivals were a raging success, gathering over 150 people enamored by horses and the knowledge and awareness they bring into our lives. Nearly two dozen presenters, well-known in the field, came from around the world to share their wisdom and learnings from the horse. 

Here are just a few testimonials from participants of previous festivals.  This years festival promises to be an even more inspiring!

"Connecting and helping each other to grow as human beings. That's what its all about. Growth and love. And Dune Lakes Lodge is wild and beautiful. The perfect venue for this amazing festival."  

- Jane Crosbie

"What do you get when you bring experienced and qualified clinical psychologists and therapists from all over the world, a wonderful facility, 21 horses which none were for riding?  You get results, eye opening results about yourself...The memories we have taken away from this place are powerful and practical tools to be better partners."

 - Maria Quayle-Guppy

"There were not only spirit horses but spirit people. I am a first timer with horses. I always loved to look at them, admire their gracefulness, their beauty.  Rosemary guided me all the way. I connected with the horse in my thoughts, told him all about my fear. After a few minutes he came to me, totally quiet and serene. Slowly my fear disappeared completely. I was so happy and peaceful."

- Heidelind Luschberger

"We finished off last night with African drumming, under the stars, long and late enough to watch the moon rise over the trees. And yes it's true - you can leave Africa but Africa never leaves your blood. Last night was the closest I've felt to my home soil for a long time." 

- Zivana Anderson

"It's awesome that force-free, fear-free techniques are finally starting to find their way into the horse world . I feel much more empowered now to trust my natural instincts when interacting with the horses. Presenters at the festival have shown me that there is a more respectful and compassionate way of being with horses available to us if we are willing to put in the time and effort it takes to make true and meaningful connections."

- Hasanka Perera

"I just want to thank you all for giving me such a magical and Spiritual Journey, something I will NEVER forget, each and everyone one of you are so appreciated and I LOVED every single moment. Thank you all."

- Linda-Lee Odon

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