Being Seen. Being Accepted. Being Loved. Being Free...

Peaches' messages are a wake up call to see all beings as more than their 'wrapping'

By Suze Kenington, Founder of RidersMind Animal Communication & Energy Healing

Often when people see small, magnificently hairy ponies they say ‘awww, how cute’. Peaches had undoubtedly heard that many times. She had also been a rescue who’s first words when I connected with her set the record straight in no uncertain terms:

‘I am not a toy. I am a divine soul like you."

Our eyes give us a dazzling array of input – colour, movement, depth perception… yet they were only ever designed to work in concert with the rest of our senses. Both our well-known outer senses (seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting) and often underdeveloped inner counterparts (clairvoyance/inner sight, clairaudience/inner hearing, clairsentience/inner feeling, clairscent/inner smell, clairgustance/inner taste). Peaches, like all beings, is so much more than her ‘wrapping’.

Peaches’ guardian is a deeply spiritual woman in the US who was concerned about the fear, physical discomfort and apparent depression Peaches was presenting. She had recently joined her family as a paddock mate for her beloved mare.

Many of us know what it feels like to not be seen for who we are. To be given a role and seen as a resource. Peaches had had enough of this and was angry at being dishonoured.

As I connected with her I had no idea that I was about to be shown one of the most dazzling sights I had ever seen. Peaches' soul presented as an enormous, radiant, rainbow coloured light energy – think massive, dazzling glint of sunlight on the ocean in technicolour. Witnessing Peaches soul changed something in her – it was the first time she had been seen for her essence, not her physical appearance. Isn’t this what we want? To be seen and accepted…

Peaches' Advice

Many horse lovers say they want a better connection with their horses. Peaches shared a simple yet profound truth around this:

'See me & you can connect'

She then expanded on this to explain that once she had been seen and treated with reverence, she could not longer take being dishonoured. She wanted her guardian to know that disregarding ‘hurts the most’ and that she trusted that this wasn’t going to happen anymore.

In equine assisted therapy I believe part of the ‘magic’ of horses is that they embody presence, love and belonging thus ‘see’ and ‘accept’ us fully. In doing so our cells we can remember how it feels to be whole, lovable and loving. This is the truth of all beings, so let’s do the same for our horses x

Suze Kenington is the founder of Rider's Mind: Supporting Animal-Human Kinship which specializes in animal communication and energy healing. 

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  • January 18, 2018