JOIN US Friday 27- Sunday 29 March 2019

The International Spirit Horse Festival is a sacred space to come together as a human herd and co-create with the horses to uplift and inspire, to network, and engage in meaningful collaboration with like-hearted people who are passionate about transforming the world through the healing powers of the horse-human relationship.

The Spirit Horse Festival draws together people from all around the world in a unique and holistic format to honour the horse and help develop competency and provide exchange among committed individuals.

For the 4th annual International Spirit Horse Festival we have two dozen world-class presenters coming to share with you from New Zealand, Australia, the United States, and Israel!  

Join us in exploring the many aspects of the horse–human relationship for three inspiring and fun-filled days of:

  • Sessions on equine inspired learning, horse-friendship and holistic horse care
  • Festival programming featuring arts, spirituality, and entertainment

Equine Inspired Learning and Holistic Horse Care

Join our presenters for interactive and hands-on seminars, breakout sessions, master-classes, and films on:

Post traumatic growth through working with horses

Equine assisted learning in action

Creating a sustainable EFL business

How to attract your ideal client

Designing creative horse-led retreats and programs

Equine-inspired art and creative writing

Creating sacred rituals with horses 

Shamanic journeying and ancestral healing 

Yoga, Tai Chi, and meditation with horses

Inviting horses into partnership and relationship

Balancing doing and being with horses

Animal communication and energy healing

Holistic horse care and herd management

Masterson Method, essential oils, and other holistic ways to help horses heal

What you need to know if you want to rescue a horse

Protecting wild horse heritage 

Music of the plants

and much, much more...

Arts, Spirituality, and Entertainment

Music, dance, mediation, and yoga will make for a festive program for uplifting spirits and promoting wellbeing

Opening and Closing Ceremony

Shamanic practitioner Elisabeth von Madarasz will hold space for the opening and closing ceremonies of the festival.

Elisabeth founded the Academy of Shamanic Studies in 1998.

The Heart of Yoga

 A simple form of yoga for everybody that shows us how to be intimate with life, with our body, and breath.

To the ancient masters, a powerful physical practice was not merely a form of exercise meant to increase

flexibility or fitness. It was a spiritual way of life based on the intuitive understanding that everything is

arising from one nurturing source. It is direct embrace of that power. The key to the power of their practice

was, and continues to be, the breath.


Magical World of Plants

Move into the magical world of plants and trees creating music with which all living creatures can become involved.  Sing and dance with Gary Cook to the unique Music of the Plants. Relaxing and meditative, the wondrous sounds of nature will take you on an individual journey of wonder and delight.

Rhythm is the Pulse of Life

"If your heart is beating, you can drum."  Join Jimi Dale to experience the power of rhythm and to connect in African-style drumming, song, and dance. Learn to play with and listen and create beautiful rhythms & songs in an ensemble.

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