Join leading presenters in the field of horse-human experiential learning and explore the many aspects of the horse–human relationship for three days of inspiration, education, healing & spiritual enrichment!  

Rosemary Wyndham-Jones

Rosemary Wyndham-Jones

Holding Sacred Space with Horses
In a world where a state of "doing" is often seen as the only way to be around horses, it's no surprise that so many of our equine friends feel anxious, unable to ever "drop their guard" and fully trust in their human partners. Sometimes, the same applies to the human side of the relationship too. In this session, Rosemary will help you explore the experience of simply "being" with horses - without any expectation or agenda. Experience the potential of how your relationship with horses can deepen when you respectfully enter their space with an open heart and a peaceful mind.

Authentic Leadership with Horses and Humans
Whether you’re interested horse or human development — or both — working with horses can show you what it means to truly thrive in life, offering you tools that open other worlds of creativity, insight, and empowerment, expanding your vision, helping you reconnect to nature, to the herd and to the community. In this session, Rosemary and the Horses will assist in teaching people leadership, assertiveness, personal empowerment, relationship, intuition, emotional agility and inter-subjective relationship skills - with the ultimate goal of expanding both human and animal potential.

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Suze Kenington

Connecting with Horses via Animal Communication
This is an interactive session where you will be guided to connect with a horse - past or present. You will get a glimpse into the breath of subjects that horses can provide insight into and begin to discern what is coming from them and what is coming from our own imagination. We will discuss how to recognise and develop our intuitive senses and how to formulate a question that will get the insights we are seeking plus much more. The session will include how 'real-time' communication can assist during a therapeutic connection and help us get past the limitations of our conditioned 'humanness'. Horses help us tap into expanded awareness and feelings of love in its many flavours. From here we get to experience who and what we really are. No experience with horses or communication required.

Reciprocal Healing between Horses & Humans
This is an interactive session where you will be guided to exchange supportive energy with horses. We will look at energy in its many forms, learn why science and spirituality point to the importance of groundedness and how humility creates a state within us to be connected and receptive. Boiled down we are really talking about love. How to recognise and expand the energy of love in our bodies and have that inform our thoughts and actions. No experience with horses, healing or communication required.

Hear more about what the horses have to say on Suze's post for the festival blog.

About Suze

Maria Hayes

Maria Hayes

Magic Moments

I am deeply grateful to be able to bring together all of my passions to provide people of all ages with opportunities to shift their way of thinking about themselves and the way they respond to the world around them.

In a collaborative session while Rosemary demonstrates the activity of join-up, I will explain the types of deep transformative learning that occur for participants and observers when the horse becomes the facilitator.

About Maria

Angela Shaw

Social Dreaming With Humans & Horses
The invitation is to come together early in the morning in a matrix consisting of both humans and horses. The individual human's night-time dream can be shared into the human/horse matrix.

Once a dream is voiced it is no longer subjective personal property belonging to the dreamer, but an object in its own right with intellectual and spiritual qualities belonging to the unconscious infinite, and now owned by the matrix. The task of the matrix is to free associate and play with the dream, including the horses.

The starting assumption is that there is cultural knowledge in the dream. In the social dreaming process the matrix makes possible and can tolerate a multiverse of meaning. The potential is for new thinking and divergent thought, an illumination of the existential life of the matrix and access to the unthought known.

What might the horses bring? What new thoughts might the humans have?

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Ian and Anke Benson

Session 1: Discovering the Partnership
Building the relationship to a horse based on trust and respect. Trust and respect are two very big words that are used a lot in the horse world. What do they really mean? How do trust and respect really work? In this session we invite you to explore with us the true meanings of trust and respect and how it works within our horse human relationship. How can we transfer it into other aspects and areas of our life away from horses?

Session 2: Striking the Balance
When we are connecting, being or doing something with a horse how do we go about it? Are we balancing our needs with the horses' needs? It is about us coming into balance and allow to the horse coming into balance to truly be and do things together.

This is a practical session with the horses balancing the 'being' with the 'doing'. Does the act of doing interrupt the being or are you doing whilst still being together? This is only one aspect of balance, as balance is a requirement for living here in our physical world while being, in essence, spiritual beings.

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Julie Teetsov

Working with Trauma in the Body: Separating Fear from Immobility
We will look at the physiology of trauma and the human threat response as compared to animals, such as horses. We will explore how our physiology as humans is designed to move through events that are overwhelming when there is support from our herd or tribe. Specifically, we will look at how the body holds onto incomplete survival responses in the body when the body is overwhelmed by traumatic events or long-term developmental trauma. We will see how this can show up as a freeze response or dissociation or collapse in the body, coupled with unconscious fear or helplessness. I will give examples of how we can move through patterns of bracing and collapse in the body by allowing the body to complete incomplete survival responses and by providing an environment of support that was missing at the time of the original trauma. We will have a few group and individual exercises (that will be optional for participants) to explore how to restore the body’s natural rhythms and its expression of life force.

About Julie

Guenther Andraschko

Guenther Andraschko

Introduction to Permaculture

Have you ever wondered what Permaculture is? Here's an opportunity to find out what it's all about. Permaculture is a design approach for sustainable living and land use that works with, rather than against nature. It can be used for designing your backyard, lifestyle property, business or personal life and is a great methodology to help navigate the environmental challenges we are presently facing.

In this presentation we will introduce the twelve principles of Permaculture, including ways that you can bring them into your life - and have some fun along the way!

Equine Permaculture: Property Design for Healthy Horses

Equine permaculture is becoming popular overseas, because in loving your horse, it's also important to love your land and pasture - holistically. In this workshop we will look at how utilising permaculture principles on your property helps to keep your horses and your land healthy. We Introduce ideas and design elements that can help horse owners improve their properties, making them more resilient and sustainable to climate extremes. This talk will be valuable for anyone who owns or wants to own land where they will be keeping horses - both small and large acreage properties.

Topics covered will include:
- Equine Permaculture Property Design
- Regenerative and Holistic Pasture Management and Planning
- Improving Feeding options and reducing the need to buy in feed

About Guenther

Claire Fisher

Claire Fisher

The NZ Curriculum is designed to include all learners, no matter what their difference. It's goal is to develop confident, connected and actively involved young people who will continue to learn and to develop the values, knowledge and competencies that will enable them to live full and satisfying lives.

This journey is not always easy and most learners need a hand up at some point in time. Enter the horse! Horses teach you a lot – very little of it actually to do with horses. Their lessons are from the heart. They respond honestly and without judgement. They show us how to listen to ourselves and encourage us to reflect on our behaviour and emotions.

In this session, find out more about the link between learning in schools and the horse as a teacher – the best teacher doesn’t have to be human and the best lessons aren’t always inside the classroom.

About Claire

DLL Youth Ambassadors

Liberty Display & Horse Play
These sessions will be a fun, interactive showcase of the types of horsemanship and games Rosemary usually teaches during Youth Skills Camps and Natural Horse Friendship Days. These activities help build confidence and resilience, and give young people a safe, non-judgemental context to work on and develop their communication, problem solving and leadership skills. As this session is being run primarily by the students, you will see first hand what a positive influence being with horses in this unique way can have on our tamariki. And you will also have the opportunity to participate in some of the activities yourself to get the full experience.

About DLL Youth Ambassadors

Kathy Andrus

Urine Therapy
Urine Therapy or UT, has hundreds of uses and been used in medicine for 1000’s of years. It was used in WW1 for all the wound healing and sterilisation of the medical equipment and the pharmaceuticals still collect it today to make into 1000’s of drugs. It is FREE and on tap, but has been largely out of the public eye for the last 100 years. In her two sessions, Kathy will discuss exactly what urine is and why it works so well, as well as it's nutrient value to your horses/pets and its stem cell activity. Kathy will empower you with the knowledge to wrap your own wounds for urine treatments, as she has had incredible success with curing horses with laminitis, founder, cellulitis, wounds and all manners of illness’s and conditions. Many in the beginning tried it out of desperation and it saved their horse’s lives. She has also found it to be a brilliant wormer and will discuss her own natural worming program that she uses in her herds of Gypsy Vanners at Brightwater.

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Judy Brightman

Cultivating our Inner Garden to Deepen our Connection to Self and the Natural World
“Our real journey in life is interior.” – Thomas Merton
In this session we will begin with a heart-centred meditation, followed by exploration of simple practices we can easily incorporate into our daily lives to help deepen our connection to ourselves and the natural world.
Cultivating fertile ground in our inner garden is reflected in our external world. It is by journeying to our interior and planting seeds we want to flourish that we contribute to healing our Earth Mother and deepening our sense of connection to self and all of life.
We’ll take brief guided journeys to connect with the Earth and to seek guidance from the Spirit of Horse.

Somatic Connection to Self & Horses – Developing Our Interoceptive Awareness
”Our bodies know they belong; it is our minds that make our lives so homeless.” John O’Donohue
Somatic means relating to the body, distinct from the mind or psyche. Connection for me means connection to ourselves, to others and to the environment we’re operating in. In this session we’ll explore interoception - our ability to be aware of our felt sensations in the body - and how developing our awareness of this can impact ourselves and our connection to horses.
We’ll start with a guided somatic centering practice, followed by exploration of simple exercises to explore the impact of interoceptive awareness on our somatic experience and how that impacts when we’re interacting with horses, either on the ground or in the saddle, as well as other humans.

About Judy

Penny Gifford

A Natural Holistic Approach to Caring For Your Horse
Penny will explain the importance of a natural environment and holistic approach to horse care and management, to best work with horse owners to achieve a healthy sound horse able to perform in any discipline barefoot. During Penny’s seminar, she will cover the requirements for healthy and happy horses in a domestic situation including movement, hoofcare, nutrition, herdlife, shelter, and comfortable equipment that does not cause physical pain as pillars of holistic horse care.

Preventing Laminitis and Other Debilitating Conditions
Penny’s training is to understand the functions of a healthy hoof. She has specific skills and training for remedial hoofcare, Laminitis and Navicular syndrome. In this session she will share her experience in these areas to help people understand the causes and how to prevent these debilitating conditions.

Penny's story on the Spirit Horse Festival blog. 

About Penny

Birgit Baader

Silent Voice

Young ones often grow up in a disconnected environment which can lead to all kinds of challenges later in life – disconnection from the natural life-giving Source within each living being, disconnection from the all-encompassing web of life that binds all life forms together. This lack of connection can show in a range of symptoms, from behavioural, mental & emotional struggles to physical disorders & illnesses. In this course, Birgit gives you some insights into her work with young ones. Bringing horses and young ones together and holding space for connection to happen naturally allows them to hear the “Silent Voice” inside, thus connecting them to their Inner Source of Peace and Balance.

Spirit Horse 

Mental Health problems are affecting a fast growing number of the human population - many of which can be signs of a disconnection from vital energies. In indigenous cultures the horse has been revered as a companion and “connector”, reflecting our strength and weaknesses to allow us to find balance within ourselves. In this workshop you will experience some possibilities to recalibrate your systems and find physical, mental and spiritual balance, both for yourself when holding space for others and as tools to share with your clients.

About Birgit

Jane Hemingway-Mohr

Creating A Viable, Ethical and Sustainable Client Base
How to identify and capture clients for your EAL/EFL business. Unfortunately horses and people cannot live on air and love alone. So how do we create a viable, ethical, and sustainable client base? Jane will show you ways to create a step-by-step business plan.

Business with Horses 101
You have a super team of horses, you have a great set-up, you know your stuff…so why isn’t your horse business thriving? Sometimes all it takes is a different approach. I have run workshops and programs for hundreds of individuals. And I have made plenty of mistakes along the way. It’s disheartening, frustrating and time consuming. I want to help you avoid these pitfalls and show you what works and what doesn’t. Join me for a hands-on business workshop and let’s get your business noticed!

About Jane

Jane Crosbie

Painting Horses in Black and White
In painting demos internationally acclaimed equine artist Jane Crosbie will cover the principles of equine art, drawing horses and developing a painting through to completion. Class is open to beginners or more advanced students. Session 1 will give you the skills to paint a horse using charcoal.

Painting Horses in Colour
Following on from session 1 where we painted the horse in black and white we now paint the horse in colour using pastels. There will be demos showing different painting techniques from traditional to contemporary styles. You will learn how to develop a painting through from start to completion and learn how to develop your individual style with confidence.

About Jane

Candida Baker

Social Dreaming With Humans & Horses
Channelling your Creative Dream Horse
How do you ‘imagine’ a horse? What if you love horses, but don’t own one? Or own horses, but can’t ride – or even love horses but don’t want to ride? Or perhaps you ride, but would like to go deeper into a relationship with the ‘horse…
What is it that horses mean to you?
Conjure up your magical inner unicorn, and take an exhilarating gallop into the deepest realms of your imagination.
In this zoom session with author, photographer, equine facilitated learning practitioner and creativity coach Candida Baker, learn to ‘listen’ to your inner horse. ‘Playing’ with your inner horse can be as joyful as any real horse experience in this physical world.

About Candida

Amy Donaldson

A Healthy Internal Relationship Your Horse Can Benefit From
Amy uses a method called Yuan Gong, a practice of beautiful moving & still meditations, using the body, mind, breath & Qi energy. Its foundations rest in Chinese tradition, but Western scientific & psychological findings are also incorporated, so Yuan Gong is a comprehensive discipline. Practicing Yuan Gong helps to increase mental clarity, improves internal strength & stability & helps us understand the patterns of thought that inadvertently support negative emotions & illness.
In this session, Amy will be sharing information about the heart & patterns of consciousness to gain more understanding about how to make true change on a fundamental level. It’s possible to make adjustments to life for health, harmony & to help your horse & others. You will be guided through a simple, easy to learn moving meditation for the health of the body & mind. Amy will share how this is closely connected to your horse/human relationship.

Connecting With Your Heart, Awareness & Qi Field With Horses
In this session, Amy will demonstrate how our calm, balanced state influences the horse. She will cover how horses can sense us, as well as how to gain their attention
for learning & guidance. Feeling into your heart as to what it is you would like to do with your horse & how to accomplish this in the most harmonious & healthy way for yourself & your horse. Briefly, she will also look at the horses’ flexibility & balance & how we can influence this. Amy will show & guide you through a healing & share healing tools with you that you can use on yourself & your horse.

About Amy

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