Dune Lakes Angel Horses: Bailey

At 36, Bailey was the wise Elder of the Dune Lakes Herd

By Rob Pliskin, Equine Pathfinders Foundation volunteer

Bailey was the elder of the Dune Lakes Herd & like any elder, his presence & influence on everyone who knew him will never be forgotten.

While Bailey’s past is largely a mystery, it was apparent he had taken some knocks. So much so in fact, that Rosemary began by helping him come back to himself first in spirit, then as a horse, and finally to come back to the herd.

Bailey always remained cautious and alert, even tense, when the space got too crowded and the pace too fast. So Rosemary followed his lead to give him a good job in sessions and camps from time to time. Because with all his grace, Bailey still could teach humans how to love, trust, and connect by loving, trusting, and connecting with them.

At 36, he was the Elder of the Dune Lakes Herd, by age, wisdom, guts, and kindness. After a life fully lived, Bailey left us in September 2019 after a short illness.

If you could learn, he would teach you. He was always a solid, dependable presence at Dune Lakes. We will all miss meeting him around the yards, the barn, the garden, or the paddocks, where he roamed, as free as any Elder should be given the stature of his position, alongside his Elder companion, the chestnut mare, Mary, who misses him dearly.

Rosemary began by helping Bailey come back to himself first in spirit, then as a horse, and finally to come back to the herd.

Bailey and companion Mary. 

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The Dune Lakes herd at play. 

The horses of the Dune Lakes herd are an integral part of the Dune Lakes Lodge Retreat and Horse Inspired Learning Centre where they help their human partners create learning experiences to improve the wellbeing and success of children, youth, adults, and families.

Under the loving care of Rosemary Wyndham-Jones and Equine Pathfinders Foundation, the horses make their home on the beautiful South Kaipara Head Peninsula, a massive, ancient sand barrier that separates the South Kaipara Harbour from the Tasman Sea.

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  • October 26, 2017