Meet the Dune Lakes Herd: Texas

By Rob Pliskin, Equine Pathfinders Foundation volunteer

Texas - Heart and Hoof

How did this noble horse whose wild ancestors were gentled and husbanded by The People known as the Nez Perce from the mountains and streams of the American Northwest arrive in the grassy sand hills of South Head?

How did his previous owner miss his nobility, and give up on him? When he gallops straight and sure down the line, bitless and bridleless, for the ritual archer astride his back hitting her mark target after target? When he allows children (of any age) to sit between his legs, or he carries them to the ocean?

When he answers the fire of an attacking mare with fire of his own to protect the herd’s youngest foal. And when he simply offers his lowered head, and comes to you, following, if you are worthy of it?

This is Texas, offering heart and hoof every day, humbly, to everyone in his herd. Nothing special to him or his Appaloosa roots, to his distinctive character, and his unending patience.

Texas is simply being who he is — a good horse.  A good herd member. Texas puts heart and hoof into every day he is alive on this earth. When I get to share a day with him in the herd, it is fully my privilege.

Texas puts heart and hoof into every day he is alive on this earth.

Come meet the Dune Lakes Herd at the 2020 Spirit Horse Festival!

The Dune Lakes herd at play. 

The horses of the Dune Lakes herd are an integral part of the Dune Lakes Lodge Retreat and Horse Inspired Learning Centre where they help their human partners create learning experiences to improve the wellbeing and success of children, youth, adults, and families.

Under the loving care of Rosemary Wyndham-Jones and Equine Pathfinders Foundation, the horses make their home on the beautiful South Kaipara Head Peninsula, a massive, ancient sand barrier that separates the South Kaipara Harbour from the Tasman Sea.

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  • December 1, 2017