Meet the Dune Lakes Herd: Solo

By Rob Pliskin, Equine Pathfinders Foundation volunteer

Solo - Auntie, Herd Leader

Spirit - Auntie, Herd Leader

Solo, grand daughter of Mary, daughter of Jodie, sister of Soma, half sister of Spirit. She is auntie to all the young ones, from Susha on down. Fleet of hoof, decisive, curious, always aware. Born in 2006, Rosemary's mum Betty named her, as "Solo" is her favorite card game.

She leads not with bites, kicks, or snarls; she leads with the soft eye and limitless energy of true royalty, and the kindness of a Lady of the Realm. Solo embodies leadership alive in the respect she holds for every member of her herd. Leadership she generously mixes in with the glint of sky on her heels, when she kicks them up as she circles her herd. And so far, it IS her herd. 

Nearly always you will find her first at the gate into a new paddock. But she gets there with grace, without jostling her herd mates, because they make a point of respecting her, the way she makes a point of respecting them.

Be mindful though — Solo has the knack for staying independent as she balances all her caring connections. She is an inimitable leader, one to learn from.

Solo embodies leadership alive in the respect she holds for every member of her herd.

Soma and Solo

Come meet the Dune Lakes Herd at the 2020 Spirit Horse Festival!

The Dune Lakes herd at play. 

The horses of the Dune Lakes herd are an integral part of the Dune Lakes Lodge Retreat and Horse Inspired Learning Centre where they help their human partners create learning experiences to improve the wellbeing and success of children, youth, adults, and families.

Under the loving care of Rosemary Wyndham-Jones and Equine Pathfinders Foundation, the horses make their home on the beautiful South Kaipara Head Peninsula, a massive, ancient sand barrier that separates the South Kaipara Harbour from the Tasman Sea.

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  • November 24, 2017