Meet the Dune Lakes Herd: Flash

By Rob Pliskin, Equine Pathfinders Foundation volunteer

Flash is another horse at Dune Lakes Lodge who is here today because of the caring efforts of Rosemary and Alistair early in his life. Afraid in his first thunderstorm and not even a yearling, he hung up in a fence and cut his right hind badly below the hock.

Rosemary and Al took long hours helping the wound heal and keeping him walking — walking through swelling, through proud flesh, and then all through the hills of Dune Lakes Lodge, ponied by Rosemary and Solo, and finally on his own with the herd. So with lots of human contact, lots of loving, and a scar that doesn’t tell the story, Flash has had a lot of opportunity to get comfortable with humans and even dogs. His starting was easy and uneventful.

He was born curious, and grew up friendly, full of play, and pushing boundaries. Ask the lovely Christmas family’s equally friendly and playful black Labrador. When out on grazing with the Christmases, sometimes Flash would give him a soft massage with lips and muzzle from head right down his back. And trickster that he is, then Flash would bite his tail. The chase would be on. Today one of the Dune Lakes Lodge bachelors at age nine, Flash remains the lucky but loyal trickster he is, for horses and humans alike.

Flash remains the lucky but loyal trickster he is, for horses and humans alike.

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The Dune Lakes herd at play. 

The horses of the Dune Lakes herd are an integral part of the Dune Lakes Lodge Retreat and Horse Inspired Learning Centre where they help their human partners create learning experiences to improve the wellbeing and success of children, youth, adults, and families.

Under the loving care of Rosemary Wyndham-Jones and Alistair Wait, who run the Equine Pathfinders Foundation, the horses make their home on the beautiful South Kaipara Head Peninsula, a massive, ancient sand barrier that separates the South Kaipara Harbour from the Tasman Sea. 

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  • January 22, 2018