Healing Haka®️

By Ojasvin and Waimaania Davis 

Healing Haka Group

Through light structure exercises and Healing Haka we will rise our consciousness and energy level to meet the vibration of the horses.

Many years ago we were holding a Healing Haka practice in the Austrian mountains and suddenly we were surrounded by a herd of horses completely attracted by us.

In our daily life we often reduce our energy levels to function in every day activities and work. Nevertheless nature operates on a much higher frequency and we human beings are naturally part of nature as we are part of creation.

By rising our vibration we come back in sync with our natural surroundings.

By rising our vibration we come back in sync with our natural surroundings.

Healing Haka Move

Haka has become world wide known and admired through rugby as a vigorous dance of unison with dynamic gestures and strong vocals. Haka is a from of prayer and calls on the strength of the ancestors and on the connectedness with mana whenua power of the land.

We, Ojasvin and Waimaania, founders of Grandmothers Healing Haka Trust, have together developed Healing Haka since 2004, which is since practiced all over the world.

It is helping people raise their consciousness, reconnect with their intrinsic instinct and their whole wellbeing, to align with the true potential that stems from the ancestors and our cosmic origins.

Grandmothers Healing Haka Trust NZ

Healing Haka

Ojasvin is from Ngai Tupoto, Te Rarawa, Ngati Hine, Te Waiariki, Ngapuhi Whanui Tonu & was immersed in its vibrant culture throughout his childhood. Ojasvin was initiated by his ancestors in 1988 to perpetuate the ancestral wisdom of his Maori and Waitaha tradition. He shares his taonga worldwide through music, dance, wananga and Maori design.

Waimaania was born and raised in Switzerland, living in Aoteaora. Waimaania, "the one who brings things from dark to light", received her name when she graduated from Maori Karanga. Through family tradition and different formations, she has received the transmission of natural healing methods through prayers, rituals, body work and sacred geometry.

Together co-working for 16 years, they have created Healing Haka®, the Grandmothers Healing Haka Integral Learning Practice, Haka Rongo Aio Formation, PAIO ceremonial massages; they founded Grandmothers Healing Haka Charitable Trust in NZ, and the association GMHH France. Both are members of the Circle of Wisdom of the Ancestral Union of Traditions and Teachers of Yoga of Integral Learning from the school Min-I.L.I.T.

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  • March 9, 2020
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