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Here we share inspiration from our wonderful presenters and organisers (past & present). Also, an opportunity to get to know the Dune Lakes Herd through their biographies. Please check back regularly to keep up with what's happening in the run up to the Annual Spirit Horse Festival.

Blogs from Presenters Past & Present

Healing Haka®
Haka is a from of prayer and calls on the strength of the ancestors and on the connectedness with mana whenua power of the land.
2019 Spirit Horse Festival Promo Video
View the promotional video for last year's event. Save the date for March 27th-29th 2020 - tickets on sale now!
Ponderings on Riding
I enjoy riding too. But as much as I love taking Orlik to the woods or helping Daniel to speak, I can’t help but to think whether or not I should be riding my horses at all. I often question whether Orlik likes my riding him, too.
Being Seen. Being Accepted. Being Loved. Being Free…
Peaches issues a wake up call for us to see beyond the 'wrapping' to the essence - "I am a not a toy. I am a divine being like you"
The Metaphor of the Centaur
In the past, humans were deeply connected to their innate and nature based wisdom. Living in close connection to the land, to nature, the seasons and the animals, survival depended on paying attention to the shifts and changes of emotion and energy in the body and the external environment.
Music of the Plants
Plants do understand us. But do we understand them? The true value of plant life on this planet is little realised by most folk who take it as a bounty to be harvested without any recognition of what this means to us.
Horses, Energy, and Trusting the Unknown
My wise senior mare, Posadka, did something out of the norm the other day. Whenever the horses do something out of the ordinary in the context of an equine-guided learning session, I tend to get quite curious about it.
Kaimanawa Heritage Horses
Elder and Marilyn Jenks have been volunteering their devotion to the Kaimanawa horses since the1990’s. During this time they have been responsible for saving the lives of more than a thousand wild horses.
Home Is Where the Soul Resides
Since I could walk and talk my passion has always been horses. I always looked after other people’s horses until I finally got my first horse at 30 years old, fulfilling a promise my father made to me when I was 10 years old.
The Leadership Whisperers
Throughout my 16-year corporate career I had large leadership development budgets but was increasingly frustrated that the learning never stuck and nothing really, truly changed in terms of behaviour when people returned back to their offices.
A Journey to Horsanity
Whilst I found my coaching work to be much more suited to my mindset than my previous career of 20 years, where I had come close to becoming not so quietly insane, I didn’t want to lose that private personal bond between me and the horses.
Harnessing the intelligence of your Body as Brain
Horse’s natural state of body brain and nervous system balance, along with enhanced awareness and attunement. With their huge hearts and the “heart-field” effect that arises, horses help humans reach greater coherence through breathwork and entrainment.
Holistic Hoof Care for Soundness
Holistic hoof care is individualised hoof care; it is preventative, precise, and progressive. With proper support, everyone can keep their horses sound and healthy.
Owning Your Horse’s Stress
Stress expresses itself in our bodies, in our lives, and in our relationships with horses. It is the culprit of most disease and general unhappiness.
How Connection with Horses Helps People Thrive
​Our connection with horses and the way people and horses can enrich each other’s lives will be the focus of next February’s Spirit Horse Festival in New Zealand.
From the Horse’s Heart
What Dooie shared that morning, just two days after she passed, were her requests and her words of wisdom regarding how horses deserve to be treated.
Connecting with Horses through Yoga
When we embody our energy and our actions through the breath and the teachings of yoga, we can better understand our impacts on others and learn to communicate more purposefully and effectively.
Horses As Catalysts For Post Traumatic Growth
Perhaps the ways in which people with PTSD are supported will determine whether they continue to suffer from the experience or are able to move forward to find peace and happiness in their lives.

Meet the Dune Lakes Herd

Meet the Dune Lakes Herd: Willow
Earth Mother. Willow time. Beautiful Willow fools everyone. Ask her filly Sahara, the youngest one in the herd. While Willow was one of the mares keeping company with the formerly intact stallion Soma
Meet the Dune Lakes Herd: Texas
This is Texas, offering heart and hoof every day, humbly, to everyone in his herd. Nothing special to him or his Appaloosa roots, to his distinctive character, and his unending patience.
Meet the Dune Lakes Herd: Spirit
He is not only loyal, he is valiant, literally protecting foals, and a stabilizing influence in the Dune Lakes Herd.
Meet the Dune Lakes Herd: Solo
Fleet of hoof, decisive, curious, always aware. She leads not with bites, kicks, or snarls; she leads with the soft eye and limitless energy of true royalty
Meet the Dune Lakes Herd: Samsara
Sam’s full name is Samsara. It is a Sanskrit word that means “flowing on” or “passing through,” with an emphasis on the struggle to live in this world.
Meet the Dune Lakes Herd: Rhythm
When the energy between you and Rhythm is still, peaceful, and open, he will lay down with you, and rest.
Meet the Dune Lakes Herd: Mary
Rosemary knows Mary from the UK; it is the unshaken bond that brought to them both to New Zealand.
Meet the Dune Lakes Herd: Gemma
Gemma will just fly home on her own, her tail flashing one way, her high head another, and very happy.
Dune Lakes Angel Horses: Flash
Flash left us suddenly in March 2019. He may be gone in body, but looks over us in spirit.
Dune Lakes Angel Horses: Bailey
Bailey was the elder of the Dune Lakes Herd & like any elder, his presence & influence on everyone who knew him will never be forgotten.
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